omg i flppd cr :(, or, Idiots Have Used Text Messaging - See below for commentary

SUMMARY: The above article is, unfortunately, in no way fake. A young girl who "considers herself a writer" (like, omg, lol) was tempting Darwin by attempting to text-message and drive at the same time. This caused her to lose track of the road in favor of what was most likely the composition of such a literary masterpiece as, "omg i want 2 eat sm icecrm so bad :(." Upon liberating her mind from the shackles of such a weighty thought, she realized she'd drifted off the road, swerved, and ran promptly into a ditch, where her car flipped completely over, trapping her inside the car.

Now, this girl was apparently really special, because instead of, say, calling emergency services or attempting to check for internal bleeding, she decided to yet again send a text message, this one reading "omg i jst flppd cr :( ttyl."

The story appeard in the Mankato Free Press under this amazing headline, along with a totally-hip explanation of text messaging, and went on to describe the driver's complete lack of injury. The article was quite thorough, though it was conspicuously missing the ideal ending, "pwnt, lol."