The rumors are true: Pedobear proves China's female gymnastics team underage

If you watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics this summer, you likely heard the rumors that some of China's female gymnastics team may be under the age of 16, which is the minimum age requirement for the event. Evidence presented so far has been old news reports stating the age of some athletes to be around 13 or 14, and testimony from some who claim to have known the participants in the past, but no concrete evidence has so far been provided... until now.

Pedobear, known around the internets as the world's foremost lurking bear, has been repeatedly spotted eyeing China's star athletes. Yesterday, he was repeatedly caught on film staring at the athletic children in tight-fitting clothes, PROVING definitely that China's female gymnasts are, in fact, under age and loli. Read on for this iReporter's exclusive news images.

Here we see Mr. Bear posing as China's "team captain" in front of the medals stand. We did independent research and confirmed that the REAL captain of the Chinese team is someone with a distinctly Asian-sounding name, and who was not at all a bear.

Can't see a problem with this picture? Look closely in the background. We see Mr. Pedobear staring in a distinct direction, surrounded by photographers... likely whom he paid to take scandalous pictures for him.

This AP photo of the victorious athletes also included a distinctly large, hairy and plump teammate among the bunch. This is clearly the dangerous bear, since China's females are notoriously free of facial hair. Unlike the East German team.

In a sworn statement, Pedobear said "I was just coaching her and adjusting her uniform and congratulating her with a big hug and..." He then ran off and disappeared. Along with the girl.

Another angle from the first photo. We can once again CLEARLY see the culprit and the objects of his affection. There is no mistaking or misinterpreting this evidence.

... little girl, Pedobear may be fluffy but DO NOT PET THE PEDOBEAR OR IT WILL PET YOU. It's urgent we notify everyone that, though he may come across as adorable, you do not want the honey he offers. Police reports later found bear hair next to a uniform and Chinese/English phrase book. Be warned.

There he is trying to get a better view... even though they're wearing pants! Custom-fit designer pants, as it were, but still. Later in the evening, the Chinese team reported all their uniforms missing.

OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE! SOON THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT WITH THE INNOCENCE OF YOUTH! The pictures speak for themselves. Let there be an international outcry and political action. Rescue them, and outfit all young athletes with much less flattering athletic uniforms. And possibly fake mustaches and facial hair.

This is a tragedy. They're all gone. Look at the horror in her eyes. Cheating by sending under age girls to the Olympics does not deserve this sort of punishment!

SUMMARY: Pedobear loves the Chinese women's gymnastics team. Pedobear is pedo. Pedobear is PROOF. Let this serve as a warning to all aspiring athletes, Asian or otherwise; Fear the Bear.